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  • Minimum :$50.00
  • Maximum:$5000.00
  • Interest    :2.50%
  • Duration  :15-Days
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  • Minimum :$5001.00
  • Maximum:$15000.00
  • Interest    :3.50%
  • Duration  :30-Days
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  • Minimum :$15001.00
  • Maximum:$25000.00
  • Interest    :4.80%
  • Duration  :45-Days
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VIP - Platinum

  • Minimum :$25001.00
  • Maximum:$500000.00
  • Interest    :10.00%
  • Duration  :90-Days
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Site Started 2011-11-11
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Welcome to BitCrude Investments!

You have made the first step to investing your Bitcoin. Glad to have you join us!

With Donald Trump weaponising the US Dollar, how will this affect the World economy?

With sanctions being imposed on the US' enemies, what will pan out for these Third World developing countries facing sanctions and pressure from the United States.

Will they turn to cryptocurrency like Venezuela's Maduro with the Petro?

Will the World trading system be forced to change the way it carries out economic activities?

Even now China facing sanctions, along with Russia, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela. This group of countries holds a massive amount of the World's wealth in natural resources including natural gas and crude oil.

There are currently plans between these countries to develop a system where they do not rely on the US Dollar for the economies to survive.

However, the US military is the best in the World and has been for a while and may continue to be as well.

With 1.3 million troops stationed all over the World protecting the US Dollar, will their plan succeed?

There is currently an economic war going on between the US and it's allies against their enemies.

There is no way the US will see the collapse of its economy and currency, not as long as they have the best military in the World at it's disposal.

Even the superiority of the US military is coming into question following it's recent failures in some wars.

The future is very interesting. Will countries drop trading in US Dollars? This is already happening so what wil pan out for natural resources?

Will countries go back to using raw materials as a means to trade, as opposed to the Dollar or current fiat currencies?

We at BitCrude predict a very volatile short term future for the natural resources commodities and national (and maybe international) currencies, namely crude oil, Dollar based banking, Bitcoin.

Our tailored, state-of-the-art algorythm can predict volatility and our trading systems can capitalise on profit-making opportunities. Be it arbitrage opportunities or hedging against commodities and currencies.

Welcome to BitCrude Investments. We are proud to introduce to you our 3-D automated trading platform.

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