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About us

We are not focussed on fancy websites and graphcis to persuade you to invest. We let our work do the talking... We know we provide a raw, solid investment platform. Yes we are professionals at our skill which are program engineers (Java, C++), market analysis experts (FOREX, CRUDE OIL and CRYPTOCURRENCY). We pride ourselves in being the best in what we do and we have many contacts all round the world.

3-D automated trading system

We perform around 400,000 transactions per day, with a turnover of $12 million per week. Many of these are miniscule transactions, leveraging opportunities in real-time to make profit from arbitrage. Our work is mostly automated with our algorythms and is overseen by industry professionals working round the clock, all around the world.

Arbitrage - our smartbots work in realtime, to the milisecond, searching 100,000+ markets in every continent. For example, when the price of 1 BTC = $8000 on exchange A and $8250 on exchange B, our software will see this opportunity to make profit and perform a safe no-risk trade. We simply buy from the cheaper and sell on the expensive. Only our supercomputers can monopolise the arbitrage market as we have thousands of smart-bots scouring all over the crypto exchanges picking out opportunities.

Market hedging with Oil - As markets follow graphical trends, we utilise this as Bitcoin is very volatile. When we see Bitcoin will be on a downtrend, we hedge against by buying Oil. Oil is generally a stable commodity. So we convert our Bitcoin to Oil in order to retain value. If BTC price drops by 20% this week (not unusual), it won't affect us as we have hedged against that by holding Oil. As the bear trend bottoms out, we trade the Oil back into BTC and actually get more Bitcoin than we had initally! A double-win scenario for us.

Hedging against Oil with USD - With the threat of escalated war in the Middle-East ongoing, questions are being asked of the price of Oil. These threats, along with disagreements on Oil output quotas, where is the price of Oil heading? Our supercomputer algorythm constantly monitors the market and calculates the risk-reward ratio of trading Oil to USD. With the weaponisation of the US Dollar, the effect on the World's economy due to sanctions and trade tariffs, we calculate many opportunites for profit. As Saudi Arabia increases oil output and Iran is blocked from trading it's Oil on the internatonal market, this presents an opportunity to hedge against Oil when the price is dips and hedge against USD when Oil rises. Our experts in the Crude trade industry have mastered algorythms to detect volatility and to capitalise on it.

Ultimately, we believe Bitcoin will be the ultimate World currency, outside the control of Governments, in a futuristic Internet World. Bitcoin takes precedence over USD!


Please see our FAQ section for in-depth decription of our services.

We are based in the United Kingdom. This is where the heart of our company lies - where we carry out the biggest chunk of our admin work.. It is this location that allows us to serve our clients with the greatest services. We have sister office complexes in Los Angeles and Melbourne - where we are able to branch out and keep more control over differences in the markets around the world simultaneously.

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BitCrude Limited, 11515391

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BitCrude Limited

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