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 Why do you only accept Bitcoin and PerfectMoney?

We believe in offering services we know will be reliable and secure. We do not compromise on security. We treat the client-side of our business the same way we treat the back-end of our business. We do not see why we should change this when offering our clients a service. Too many times other payments services have had delays or reversals, we aim to eliminate these occurences by sticking with only two solid payment services.

Having said this, we are currently working with PayPal and SolidTrust Pay, with the aim of offering this as a deposit method in the future.

 What is BitCrude?

We are a team of traders, analysts, engineers and advisors who share a common goal. We have grouped together to deliver a new idea to the public. We pride ourselves in providing a "next generation" trading platform for our clients. We call this "3-D trading".

 How you operate as a business?

We come from a range of backgrounds. We consist of various professionals and experts in many fields, operating from 120+ countries, with a turnover of $12 million per week.

We make money in 3 ways, with our state of the art software built with the help of our engineers, economists and traders. This software allows us to have tens of thousands of 'smart-bots', which search hundreds of thousands of markets for opportunities to create profit.

This allows us to create arbitrage opportunities. For example, when the price of 1 BTC = $8000 on platform A and $8250 on platform B, our algorythm spots a profit of $250 and creates buy orders in realtime. This is done around the clock and is fully automated.

When our algorythm forecasts a drop in the price of BTC, it will begin to hedge against the volatility by buying Oil Stocks.

Due to natural market volatility and depandant on investor's and trader's annual holidays, sometimes stocks seem to just lose there value temporarily. Our algorythm capitalizes on this volatility by hedging with USD.

To learn more about us, please click here


 What do I need to know?

Nothing! That's right. Absolutely nothing!

You do not require any knowlege about trading or investing. We do it all for you! Our team have a great system, all that is required from you is that you keep your account secure by not sharing your password. If you want to earn referral commission and need help please email us at .... We will gladly help!

We ask all clients to double check the accounts before sending and recieving payments as payments sent to the wrong accounts is out of our control.

If you do not see any emails from us please check your spam folder.

 How do I contact you?

We are always here to support you technically and personally about our plans and any advice or guidance required. We provide support to our clients 7 days a week. If you have any queries, suggestion and comments write to us via email and ticket systems. We will give our answer promptly.

We provide the efficient and excellent support to you, we are always willing to assist you. Forever we give the best, innovative, revolutionary platform to thousands of customer/clients. We have a great team of professional experts at hand.

Raise a ticket or email us at: admin@bitcrude.io

We will, in the near future, have representatives to help you in your local language. Watch this space!

 How do i deposit?

We accept Bitcoin and PerfectMoney USD, with plans to offer more payment options.

Deposits will first need to be overseen by us before crediting your account.

Bitcoin - send your desired amount in USD to the given BTC address. Note, deposit will show up as successful in your account immediately, however, once confirmed by us, then it will be active.


PerfectMoney - send your desired amount through PerfectMoney's payment system securely enter the stated amounts and click send. You will be directed to PerfectMoney for this.

Minimum investment is $50

Please note: All plans are subject to minimum 5% compounding. This will be returned along with the initial deposit at the end of the investment plan.

We are working to offer more payment gateways in the near future

 How do i withdraw my funds?

First, ensure you update your payment receipt details via "PROFILE".

Second, enter amount and your transaction password via "PAYOUT REQUEST"

Once this has been confirmed by us we will pay to your selected account.

We process funds between 8am and 10pm UK TIME. Payment confirmations may take a few hours.

Minimum withdrawal is $5

Early withdrawals are subject to a minimum of 10% penalty, to find out more about how much you will be charged to cancel a plan and exit early, please raise a ticket. Please understand that this affects our operations and requires adjustments to be made with partners to accomodate.

 Do you support alt coins?

We do not believe in alt coins. We predict them to lose their value and seize to exist over time as crypto holders continue to trade in their alt coins for Bitcoin, the one, true, hard form of money.

This is why Bitcoin dominance is continuing to rise following the crash of the alt-coin bubble.

We recommend converting your alt coins to BTC. It's the first and most solid crypto asset and is the future money of the internet. Go Bitcoin!

 Can I transfer funds to another user?

Yes, click the "TRANSFER YOUR FUND" button and you will be prompted to choose the recipient and amount to send. Internal transfers are subject to 20% tax.

 Referral and Promotion

We have an affiliate program and a representative program. Any user can make extra money by referring others to our program. You can use your unique referral link or our banners to advertise and get referral commission. To access this you must be logged in and access via the Dashboard.

For affiliates who refer others to us, you will be paid a flat rate of 10% per referral. Providing they deposit a minimum of $250, you will get a bonus of between $5 and $25 depending on how much they have deposited.

If you need guidance on making websites or Youtube videos or other social media, email us at: admin@bitcrude.io for help.

Our representatives will earn 15% per referral as well as bonuses depending on their performance. See "Future"  page for more information on being a representative for us.


 Do I need to verify myself?

For our internal audit and in the interest of fraud prevention, anybody with a single deposit of $100,000 will have to prove their identity. However, you can spread your deposit into smaller amounts and you will not be flagged on out system, you will be free to invest without having to fulfill our internal audit demands.

For deposits of $100,000 or over, please supply us with a High Quality scanned image/photograph of your Government-issued ID to: admin@bitcrude.io

 Can I have multiple accounts?

No you may not! We want to ensure we have a fair and sustainable, long-term investment program. So to stop people from abusing our platform, we monitor client's usage and track IP adressed. For account with same IP address, you will be prompted to prove it is not the same person behind more than one account. Funds may be froze until we are satisfied our system is not being abused.

 Which investment suits me?

We currently offer 4 investment plans, each for a specific type of investor:

BRONZE- For rookie investors or people just wanting to get a feel for our service.

  • Minimum : $50.00
  • Maximum: $5000.00
  • Interest  : 2.50%
  • Duration  : 15-Days

SILVER - For people who have bigger capital, wanting more return.

  • Minimum : $5001.00
  • Maximum: $15000.00
  • Interest  : 3.50%
  • Duration : 30-Days

GOLD - For people who are repeat clients, confident in our robust system, rewarded for their loyalty by more ROI.

  • Minimum : $15001.00
  • Maximum: $25000.00
  • Interest  : 4.80%
  • Duration : 45-Days

VIP-PLATINUM - For the BIG TIME investors. These people have money and they know that money makes money!

  • Minimum : $25001.00
  • Maximum: $500000.00
  • Interest  : 10.00%
  • Duration : 90-Days