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Our '3-D' Future of Trading:

With an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) approval on the horizon and Bitcoin still in it's early adoption stages, something big is going to happen, with the potential to bring an extra $1.6 trillion to Bitcoin's market cap. They say every year that Bitcoin has crashed, the bubble has finally popped... Yet... every year the bear market is followed by a raging bull market... We are currently near the end of this bear market. When Bitcoin gains more popularity and is covered by the mainstream media again.... These are signs that something good is going to happen..... Bitcoin has to go down before it can go up! Grow your Bitcoin before the bull run for profixt maximisation!

We have put lots of work to develop our unique algorythms and systems to end up with a truly revolutionary 3-D trading system. The best part is, we do all the work for you! Just choose which plan you wish to invest with. We look forward to working with you!


We are currently looking for partners to work with to improve our site and discover new markets.


Jobs available (updated monthly)

-Web Developer - Front and back end. This is to improve our site visuals and enhance user simplicity and experience. We are looking to work with a proven web developer.

-Representatives Program - Our representatives will help us in providing support for clients. As our client base grows, so too will the need to offer client support. Representatives must be available to offer support via email, live chat, or Skype. You must be able to speak one of the following languages fluently:








To register your interest in the above positions, email us at: admin@bitcrude.io